Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Double Stuff Oreo Lick Race

For the first time ever it’s competition time on ‘The Life and Times of a Househusband’, or ‘my excellent blog’ for short.  Previously whenever companies have said to me “Here’s one of our products, perhaps you would like to offer this as a prize to your readers?” they have been unable to hear my mocking roar of laughter from their cosy west-end offices.  Like I’m going to accept a freebie and then actually give it away to the great unwashed, not on your nelly.
This time it’s different though – some bright spark at Oreo has had the foresight to give me two kits – one for me (of course), and one for you.  Everyone’s a winner, and by everyone I mean me and the person that actually wins.  OK, they say the devil’s in the details, so here’s the details.
Oreo are trying to find Britain’s ‘Most Entertaining Lick Racer’, based on the ritual of twisting an Oreo, licking off the crème, and dunking the remaining biscuits in milk.  The kit they have provided contains the following:
·         Flip camera with tripod
·         Oreo Biscuits
·         Two tumblers for milk
All you have to do to get your hands on this kit is to leave a comment below and you will be entered into the competition.  To get an extra entry into the comp tweet ‘ Oreo and @goonerjamie are giving away a Flip Camera and Oreos at http://goonerjamie.blogspot.com ‘.  For my Facebook friends that are still Twitter luddites, leave the above message on your profile page and let me know. 
I will put all of the entries into a hat, or cup, or maybe even a bath (dependant on how many there are) and pull out a winner at noon Wednesday 27th July 2011 so you’d better be fast.
Unfortunately this competition is only open to those in the UK, sorry.
You could also win a VIP holiday to Florida & a Nintendo Wii per week (as part of a prize draw for all valid video entries).  All you have to do is film your Lick race and upload your video to www.oreolickrace.co.uk and you will be entered for the chance to win the holiday or Nintendo Wii.  The competition finishes on 31st July 2011 so again you will have to be quick.
Your video must be in one of the following three categories – parent vs child; sibling vs sibling; and grandparent vs grandchild.  Record your Double Stuff Lick Race live using your computer’s webcam or film on your mobile and upload later.  To qualify, both entrants must compete all of these steps.
1.       Have ready an Oreo biscuit and a glass of milk (equal measures for each participant)
2.       Twist the Oreo biscuit and pull it apart
3.       Lick the crème filling from the biscuit (tongue only, no teeth)
4.       Show their opponent the ‘clean’ biscuit
5.       Put the biscuit back together
6.       Dunk the biscuit in a glass of milk
7.       Eat the biscuit
8.       Drink the glass of milk
Once you’ve uploaded your entry, get your friends and family voting because there are great prizes to be won, including a VIP family holiday to Florida, Nintendo Wiis and lick race Kits.
Don’t forget…
1.       Each race should only have two family members, no more, no less
2.       Five entrants per category are allowed so all the whole family can take part
3.       A parent or guardian needs to tick the consent box if you are not over 18
4.       And for every upload Oreo will donate £1 to KidsOut charity.
And just to get you all going, here’s my entry
If you don’t fancy filming yourself, you can enter the ‘Who’s the Slicker Licker’ competition where you can win a Nintendo Wii ever day plus thousands of Double Stuff Lick Race prizes.
Visit www.oreolickrace.co.uk and opt to play ‘Who’s the Slicker Licker’ Watch to Win game.  Players play a guessing game to determine who is going to win between two pre-filmed Lick Racers.  Irrespective of result, all Players will be eligible to enter their details via an online entry form to go through to the free prize draw.
The full terms and conditions are on the Lick Race website
So there you go, three ways to win and don’t forget to tweet ‘ Oreo and @goonerjamie are giving away a Flip Camera and Oreos at http://goonerjamie.blogspot.com ‘ for an extra entry into the Flip camera competition.
Good Luck.


Neil Elkins said...

Couldn't be easier to enter :)

Emz said...

Mmmmm oreos :)

My Life, My Son, My Way said...

I <3 oreos!!! (I was almost put off when I saw the word 'Gooner' in your title... as a Royal myself I am not really that disheartened by this... if you were a Manc on the otherhand...)