Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Honest Scrap Blogger Award

A fellow blogger, twitterer, and lovely gal Wendy Morrell aka @quillfeather, whose blog is at ,has given me the Honest Scrap Blogger Award. Thanking you most kindly. Just as I was about to give my acceptance speech, I took a look at the small print. There are rules? Rules? I just knew there had to be a catch, you don't get nothing for nothing in this world. These are the rules of the award:

a. 'The Honest Scrap Blogger Award' must be shared.

b. The recipient has to tell 10 (true) things about themselves that no one else knows.

3. The recipient has to pass on the award to 10 more bloggers.

d. Those 10 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them.

So, here are my 10 things, I hope they don't scare you too much. Please try to remember that, up until reading this list, you used to like me. I am still the same old @goonerjamie OK? Cool, so settle in and welcome to a quick glimpse into my inner workings and Jamieness.

1. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I paint my left big toe with blue nail varnish. On Tuesday and Thursday I do it to my right big toe. I don't do anything at the weekends because that would be just weird.

2. I did the first part of this blog topless. I am doing the rest of it naked, and I need to hurry as it is so cold things are shrinking rapidly.

3. Double barrelled surnames scare the bejesus out of me.

4. I don't know how to spell chesse cheese, supprise surprise, or chinesse chinese. You will not believe how many times I have had to use the sentence "As a supprise I gave them some chinesse chesse."

5. My kids think my farts and burps are funny, and that makes me extremely proud.

6. I don't think drinking every day means you have an alcohol problem. I think, only drinking at the weekends means you have.

7. I think the emoticon for heart <3 look like a dangly pair of bollocks. Every time I see it I think somebody wants me to join in some tea-bagging.

8. I cringe every time I add lol to the end of a tweet. Unfortunately as I am a piss taking bastard, and there is no sarcastic font, I am forced to add it because I kept upsetting people, lol.

9. I used to add a certain illegal herb to my Bolognaise sauce, and let it brew up all day. Stress free dining at its finest.

10. I wish I could dance before 10 pints had been consumed, and stop dancing after.

Well there you go, there's my 10. Hope they haven't affected you too badly, and I refuse to pay for any therapy sessions you now may need.

So the 10 victims bloggers who have thoroughly earned the award I have bestowed upon them, in an order only known to me, are:

1. Angela Montague @angpang with Incense and Peppermints at

2. Denis Vaughan @inshin with Inshin's Blog at

3. Tim Atkinson @dotterel with Bringing up Charlie at

4. Dave Bartlett @DaveBartlett1 with Bartie-Blog at

5. @omgmummy with And then there were three at

6. Tanya Burley @LaChatNoir with La Chat Noir's Ramblings at

7. Nene La Beet @labeet with Musings of a web crazed woman at

8. Debra Snider @DebraSnider with Woman at Work at

Oops, there are only 8. That's because every time I went to add someone, I saw that they had already done it. So there you go, please check out the above blogs plus @quillfeather's, they are all good reads and well worthy of the award


Just Wendy said...

It's taken me the last 10 minutes to wipe the tears from my eyes and unlock my jaw, which I thought for one frightful moment may remain open for the rest of its life.

Excruciatingly funny. Bloody brilliant Jamie :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant :)

Let me know when you're making spag bog next! :P Hope it didn't get to chilly!

And thanks for the honour. I'll be honest and admit Im crap with these so will probably never do it, especially as you've set the benchmark so high. :)

CATE said...

I absolutely do not believe #1 at all, no way. You and I both know it's pink nail polish, not blue.
And #2 is a given.You tell me you always do that.
You should have added:
#11. I make people laugh so much they spray their drinks all over their keyboards.
Wiping it up now.
Bravo again, hon :)

Debra Snider said...

Well, thanks for the, um, distinction. It's going to take me some time to plot my revenge...oops, I mean, prepare my entry. In the meantime, I'll be chuckling over your spelling problems and alcohol rationalizations, and cringing slightly less at your lols now I know you're cringing too.

Gucci Mama said...

I'm really tempted to just leave about a hundred <3 things. Really, really tempted.

Caroljs said...


Angela said...

Jamie, you are King Git of Git Street in the Land of Gitness. Postcode G1T.

Hot Cross Mum said...

What a marvellous collection of honest facts. It had me ROFLOL - cue cringe!!

Tim Atkinson said...

Now this is going to look suspicious but... you've won the draw for Stewart Copeland's book Jamie!

Oh, and thanks for the award!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it.

And no! A man should never paint his toenails at the weekend. Unless he's made a spag bol

Anonymous said...

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