Saturday, January 23, 2010

A lot can happen in 40 years

It's my Mum and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary this weekend. Forty years, man that's a hell of a long time, two years longer than I've been on this earth. Which is a good job really, I'd hate to be known as a proper bastard.

In 40 years the UK has had 8 Prime ministers and the Americans have had 8 Presidents. The Italians have had 25, whilst poor old Libya is still on the same one.
The population of the UK was 55 million, and with Mum and Dad's partial help, has risen to 61 million, busy bunnies.

In 1970 Simon and Garfunkel topped the charts, in 2010 it will probably be Jedward. In 1970 our Saturday night TV was about to be dominated by Bruce Forsyth, and well, the less said about 2010 the better.

In 1970 America were in the middle of an unwinnable war in a country that didn't want them there. In 2010 they still haven't learnt anything. In 1970 the kids were demanding 'Peace not Action'. In 2010 they just want a piece of the action

In 1970 they started producing Refrigerators that made ice. In 2010 we have realised those same Refrigerators are melting the ice caps. In 1970 a young couple in Barking were planting bulbs and sowing seeds. In 2010 the bulbs are still being planted, and my brain makes me stop that thought there.

In that time we have lost Elvis and gained Joe McElderry.
We have lost the Rat Pack and gained the Brat Pack.
We have lost James Dean and gained Colin Farrell.
We have lost Morecombe and Wise and gained Ant or Dec.
We have lost Opportunity Knocks and gained The X-Factor.
We have lost Nina Simone and gained Lady Gaga.
We have lost George Best and gained David Beckham.
We have lost John Lennon and gained Robbie Williams.
We have lost my nappies being changed and gained me changing nappies.

Who said change was good? Although to be fair, we have also swapped the Bay City Rollers for Take That, and Flares for Boot Cut Jeans, so it's not all bad.

In amongst all the change, trials and tribulations that the world has gone through, this young couple have gone through their own seismic changes. Two people, one from the wrong side of the tracks, the other most at home there. They have somehow managed to stay together, love each other, and bring up three kids. Fair enough, one of them was me, but the other two have turned out OK. I recently mentioned in passing that if one of them had killed the other, they would have been paroled by now. I hope it didn't give them pause for thought, like I said, the other two turned out OK.

So in their typical style there will be no big celebrations this weekend, no huge party, no extravagant gifts (we're not tight, just under orders). We will all go and join them Sunday afternoon for a few drinks, well quite a few drinks probably. Just us kids, our kids, and maybe the gerbil if Kaede gets her way. Forty years will turn into 40 years and a day, with only a hangover and a load of empties to remind us. It's their way.


Diana (Diane) Maria said...


CATE said...

Well the other 2 kids must be fantastic if you're the worst of the 3, you've done them proud in this piece.
Glad to hear you've finally been toilet trained too.
A very lovely and funny tribute to them hon, I love it, and congratulations to them.

Anonymous said...

As was recommended on Twitter, this is indeed a great post.

Many congratulations to your mum and dad.

CJ xx

Just Wendy said...

I'm with Cate. Delighted to hear you're no longer wearing nappies. One would expect you are now wearing the pants?

Compliments to your Mum and Dad. A fitting Jamie post. Love it :)

Trish said...

Opportunity Knocks - now that takes me back. My mum was on the show in 1971. She didn't win but did score 84 on the clap-o-meter!

Dorset Dispatches said...

Oh great post. I loved it. Many congratulations to your Mum and Dad.

(PS - mine had their 40th in September. Dad forgot. He is still in the dog house and blaming the kids for not reminding him...)

Anonymous said...

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